Turning 30 in the time of COVID-19


I’m 30. 

It feels so surreal to even write that. 30 always felt far away and so terrifyingly adult. My twenties were difficult for the most part between family deaths, losing friendships and important relationships and cross-state moves, but also filled with some amazing things. I got to graduate college, start new career opportunities and meet the love of my life in my 20s – so it hasn’t been all bad.

Even more strange than turning 30 is turning 30 during a global pandemic. No party, no dinner reservations, no friends or family over. This week has been so full of worry and ever-present anxiety that it’s barely even registering that I should be celebrating. It’s a very scary time in the world – especially when you still have to go to work like I and so many others have to. Driving up nearly empty freeways with giant digital road signs that say “STAY HOME” feels dystopian. I’m trying my best to put on a brave face each day and not worry too much, but I’m starting to feel like Nausicaa from Valley of the Wind where the whole world outside her little village is full of poisonous air.

Me, sometime in the future

Even though things are uncertain right now, I’m trying to go into my 30th year with gratitude. I’m so grateful to be alive and have a home, to have a very mischievous dog to always keep me laughing, to have a boyfriend who I love and is the best teammate through tough times. I’m grateful for my family and friends that have stuck it out with me and for being healthy enough to work and keep my little world afloat. And I’m grateful for Breath of the Wild on the Switch, for my new dutch oven and homemade bread recipes and for all the little things that make every day worthwhile.

My birthday celebration consisted of takeout from Pastini – with a tiramisu included! Harry and I felt lucky they were even open, let alone making my favorite dessert for pickup. We had a nice dinner and hung out with Ada, and then I played Animal Crossing in bed, which Harry downloaded onto my Switch while I was at work. It was really low key but really nice.

Hang in there, friends.

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