Update on our new house

So it's been a couple weeks since we moved into our new (rental) home and to be honest, it's still not quite feeling like home. I wake up every day with such a massive to-do list around the house that I think it's preventing me from feeling "settled in," if that makes sense. Regardless, our new place is really nice and it's great to have so much space! I thought I would share a couple photos of my decorating progress so far. I've been to IKEA, HomeGoods, and Target more times than I'd care to admit lately but I think we're getting there...

I'm feeling most proud of the Halloween mantle situation I have going on right now. I bought a firewood holder before we discovered that apparently the fireplace "doesn't work" so now it's just holding decorative wood (!!! I'm not bitter about this at all!!!!) Also the bookcase next to it was $20 at IKEA which is insane to me. It will probably collapse someday but for now I think it looks pretty nice. 

I'm also feeling a little proud of the minimal aesthetic of my bar cart so far - am I evolving? Will I someday have one of those stylistic minimal Portland homes? I am starting to be drawn to more wood furniture so maybe. Anyway, I've since added some tiny pumpkins to the cart.

I sold some items on Facebook Marketplace and used the money I got to purchase this dreamy lamp from Target. It was a pain in the butt to set up but I love it and it has made the apartment look extra cozy. 

I think the kitchen is one of the rooms I am struggling the most with. We've been ordering a lot of takeout because I just haven't got my head around cooking in the kitchen really. We're out a dishwasher and a microwave in this kitchen, and I think truthfully I am daunted by having to do a ton of dishes from cooking something elaborate. We have an awkward empty space that I really want to put this dream prep table in, but the price is killing me. I found one on FB for half the price but had no way to transport it. Wahhh. 

My plants are all currently THRIVING in the new place. Except for one of those cactuses which has been dead for well over a year and I'm procrastinating on replacing it. 

Here's a little less idyllic scene that shows a more truthful experience. Our dryer maxes out at 30 min per cycle! Why!!!! And yes, that is a hot dog costume for Ada in the upper right. 

Speaking of Ada, she is adjusting slowly too but is loving exploring the big backyard. I spent an hour raking leaves yesterday so I'm really on some homeowner (renter) ish right now. Ada has a new best friend Oreo, the border collie who lives next door and pushes all his toys through the fence to share with her and then she steals them. Harry keeps talking about getting her a friend, but jury's out on if we could handle another dog...

Currently, I am enjoying these slippers from Target (they have memory foam in them), trying to get the office in working order and finding a new spider somewhere in the house every day! 

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