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When I first started this blog, I used to do a lot of beauty related content and I really miss it! I fell off the beauty wagon, so to speak, for awhile but now I’m back and there’s so many new interesting things to try. I wanted to share a few of the things I’ve been liking recently .

Facial Sprays

Suddenly, facial sprays seem to be everywhere. I’ve always thought they were a bit silly (surely that Evian one is just water?) but I use a setting spray all the time, so why not a spray toner or moisturizer? I started with the Trader Joe’s Rose Water Facial Toner, which is an affordable option if you don’t mind rose. I then got the St. Ives Face Mist, which is supposed to by hydrating, and the Mario Badescu Facial Spray which I use as a calming spray when my skin feels particularly irritated. The jury is still out a little bit for me if these really do much, but they’re fun to use and relatively harmless.


Speaking of skincare, I’ve started using The Body Shop Drops of Youth as a nightly serum. I’m trying to get a little more serious about my skincare regime. Too many nights of just using a makeup wipe and then going to bed....

I also recently purchased this silicone brush from e.l.f. For applying face masks. The days of putting messy masks on with my fingers are over! I think this brush was only $6 so it was a really great deal.


For years I’d used all sorts of brow products trying to find the right match for my hair color and I finally caved to the hype and got some Anastasia Beverly Hills products. This powder duo is amazing and I love that there’s a warmer and an ashy color so I can match with my makeup or outfit. Brows make such a difference!

I made my first PoshMark makeup purchase and got the Zoella x ColourPop collaboration palette. It’s honestly SO much better than I expected it to be. The colors are rich and blend really easily. I haven’t gotten up the courage to try the dark blue shade but I’ll definitely post it on my Instagram if I ever do!

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