Life with Ada update


Hello friends! It's been a minute since we've chatted. I hope you're doing well. Life has felt very hectic since Ada came into our lives, and my social life and free time have both hit a real dry spell.

Ada is now 7 months old (???HOW???) and is a little terror and love at the same time. She's spunky and grumpy and loves other people and wants to play with every dog. She chews up weird things like my exercise bike and the slats under the couch, and destroys every single toy with stuffing except her little wolf we named Peebo.

Our days are mostly spent going to work, getting home, running Ada outside and then on a walk or to the dog park, shoving some kind of food in our mouths while we watch one episode of something or other (food competition shows, Pretty Little Liars, or if Harry gets me on a good night, a horror movie) and then passing out. I've lost the ability to keep up with any of my hobbies, including photography and this blog, which is bumming me out! I'm hoping things will sort of even out soon.

I'll level with you - having a dog (well, a puppy) isn't exactly what I thought it would be. Ada is her own dog, with all her own thoughts and she's definitely opinionated! Getting her to even walk with me is sometimes a huge pain, she'll just decide she doesn't want to anymore and plant her feet. It's frustrating because I'd imagined going on long walks and cuddling with her on the couch, but she hasn't been so enthusiastic about those ideas. And I've had more than a few crying meltdowns wondering if we made the right decision (should we have gotten an easier breed? I often wonder). But we're working on it, and housetraining seems to have finally clicked so that's one less thing to worry about! We do love her - there are just some good days and bad days.

We're starting to make plans to move to a house with a yard for Ada sometime in the nearish future. I'll keep you posted!

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