My Christmas Wishlist

From ALBMAdream on Etsy

This year, my Christmas list is mostly just fun little "nice to have" things - honestly I'm super happy with everything I have right now. The only thing I'm hoping for in the new year is that we find a bull  terrier to call our own! But while we wait for that to happen, here's a list of some cute things that are on my list this year:


+ A very "me" themed little clutch from Madewell

+ A cute little dog themed robe

+ This cozy flannel PJ set

+ This heavenly fragrance (which smells like encaustic wax to me - might not be a selling point for you but I loveeee it)

+ A cute little bluetooth speaker for playing tunes or these pretty rose gold wireless headphones

+ A starry night noodle bowl

+ These cool measuring scoops from Sur la Table

+ This set of pots and pans from Costco (or any good non stick set with a big rounded bottom pan)

+ This cheerful duvet set

Orrrrrrr everyone could just get me a Terry's Chocolate Orange and some peppermint hot chocolate and call it good. 

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