The moving mess begins...

In two-ish weeks I'm moving to a new apartment and I'm having some FEELINGS. I moved into my current place when I first moved to Portland, around 3.5 years ago. I moved in sight unseen - my roommate Emily and her boyfriend toured it and loved it so I said yes and packed up my things. It was a really hard adjustment and I spent the first month of my Portland residency frantically searching for jobs and riding TriMet buses all over the place.

So many things happened during my time living here - I got a job where I still work, I made friends, I threw a couple of parties (including pity parties haha ahhh), bonded with our neighbor's cat, walked to the Portland Nursery, Horse Brass Pub, and Movie Madness. It was both a good and incredibly hard time in my life. I worked on recovering and grieving my mother's death here.

I'm now getting ready to move in with my amazing boyfriend, into a new place in North Portland, and start what feels like a brand new chapter in my Portland life. It's funny how you can really feel it when you're on the verge of a big shift. I think it's a good shift - the right move - but big changes are so hard and scary for me. I worry constantly about making the "right" choices. I have a tendency to mourn what I'm leaving behind, even if it's left me behind already.

A desk and books that are now sold & gone!
My sister came to visit and help me get rid of a bunch of stuff and it felt good to be rid of some possessions but it also made it all feel real and reminded me how much more I have to do before our move in date! I don't know how one person can accumulate so much stuff, but here we are. She was a HUGE help coordinating sales on Facebook marketplace and meeting up with strangers to sell my desks, a keyboard, vanity and more.

Anyway, this post is a little rambly but I just wanted to say that I'm moving, and I'm both really excited and really sad about it. Saying goodbye to an era of your life is tough, but I'm looking SO forward to all the exciting moments this new chapter will bring.

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