January Blues


So you've got the January Blues. Hey - me too. January is my most loathed month - it's the month my mom passed as well as her birthday, it's dark and cold and I feel extra flabby from comfort eating. I spend nearly all month wishing it was over. Are you in the same boat? Here's a few things that are helping me this dreary month:

These videos made me laugh out loud when I was having a horrible day:

+ Some blog posts to read:

+ Indulge in some summer daydreaming - currently hoping to plan a trip here.

+ Bake something nice - have a little bit of sugar is OK. :)
Some recipes I've been eyeing:

+ Do a little bit of self-care - personally I've been taking a lot of extra hot Epsom salt baths which help me relax and binging on low-emotional-investment shows like Catfish and Millionaire Matchmaker. Sorry Black Mirror, I'll watch you another time.

January is almost over - be nice to yourself and we'll get through it together!

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