Dear 2014 Alison


Hey 2014 Alison, it's 2018 Alison here.

I so wish I could go back to this moment, with you standing on this overlook of Deception Pass, having your photo taken by a guy who would go on to emotionally destroy you for a little while, and tell you that things will be ok. 

It will take 4 years - 4 complicated years. 

Along the way you're going to :

  • lose your mom
  • move out of your home on bad terms
  • have a lame breakup
  • have a bad New Year's Eve
  • move to another state
  • be betrayed by employers
  • lose friends
  • get a new job
  • survive a heat wave
  • go a zine convention and have an anxiety attack and leave after 15 minutes
  • go to Sitka, Alaska and London, England
  • join some disappointing gyms
  • watch your friend get married
  • reconnect with family
  • and get another new job - among other things

It's going to be really painful leaving your boxing gym behind, and it will take some time, but you'll finally find a new one where you feel like you have a community.

You're going to go through some really lonely times. Like really lonely. 

You'll miss the island even though you were so glad to leave it. 

You'll feel like all your friends are married or getting married and despair. 

You're going to miss your family and your mom a lot. Every January is going to be hard.

But here's where you are at the beginning of 2018:

  • you're in a relationship (!) with the best guy you've ever met
  • you finally have a good job that's interesting and challenging
  • you like all your co-workers
  • you're back into photography again and feeling inspired
  • you live in a cute apartment with your best friend
  • you've paid off 2 of your student loans and are finally making progress on the rest
  • you box at a gym you really like
  • you just ordered a book on baking bread

2014 Alison - it's going to get better. You're going to get through the mess that is 2014 and the slightly lesser mess that is 2015 and come out the other side scarred but strong. 

2018 Alison is the happiest she's been in years. 

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