My secret obsession: Dance videos


We all have guilty pleasures. Sometimes I worry I have more than the normal person but I also just happen to have a huge range of interests. So I wanted to share something I've been enjoying in my spare time recently: dance videos.

There's just something about a well-choreographed dance routine that I've always loved, but watching these videos is like a whole other level. I've started to follow certain dancers and choreographers whose styles I like am now like a proper fan girl of this dance studio group. I also harbor this little feeling that I too could dance like this if I took lessons and practiced a ton - nevermind that these people have mostly been dancing since they were tiny children. And I have no real rhythm. But a girl can dream! I find the way these people are able to be so in touch with their bodies and so confident really inspiring. So here's a collection of my favorite dances that I find myself watching over and over and over and OVER.

Do you have any fun things like this in your life that you're keeping a secret? Let me know!

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