With Halloween on a Tuesday this year, I decided to get my costume-ing done over the weekend before. Every year my work does a very over the top event with different teams in the company competing in team costume and decorating events. It's a ton of fun, but this year I was more on the management side of things so I just kept it simple and wore some deer accessories from last year.

In the evening Emily and I went to a Wes Anderson pop up art show called "Bad Dads" where everyone was encouraged to dress up. I had so much fun making my Agatha from The Grand Budapest Hotel costume - and I think I did a fairly good job! I free-handed the Mexico birthmark so don't judge me too harshly. Emily was Max Fischer from Rushmore and we had a great time mingling with all the Steve Zissous and Susies & Sams. I bought a big print of The Darjeeling Limited and then we went home to watch some spooky YouTube.

Tonight my plan is to watch some scary films and just stay in. I hope every year that some trick-or-treaters will stop by but they never do, so all the Butterfingers are for me! 

Happy Halloween!

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