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If I'm being 100% honest with you, the Clinique pep-start range first drew me in not because of its reputation or formulation, but because of its packaging. I know! I'm such a sucker. Good design is my kryptonite. And the bright colors and simple packaging caught my eye. I did a post on the initial capsule range, but since then Clinique has brought out two new products: The HydroRush Moisturizer with SPF 20 and the Double Bubble Purifying Mask.

SPF is a YES

As a (very) pale gal, SPF in my facial products is a MUST, and this was one thing I didn't love about the original HydroBlur Moisturizer. I also love the ease of an SPF moisturizer - not having to think about putting on a sunscreen and then a separate moisturizer saves me both time and stress. The formulation is on the thicker side and does require a little rubbing in to blend. A couple things to call out - it has a light sunscreen smell, which while fine for me may not be appealing to everyone. SPF moisturizer can also create a white cast in flash photos, so not something to wear on your night out.

A bubble mask?

I've seen a few images of bubble masks around the internet and I've been so curious to try one. The premise is that you apply the mask in a gel form and while it sits on your skin it foams up, removing impurities. Using this was like no other mask I've tried before. I'm more used to masks that tighten or even sting a little, but this literally felt like little Pop Rocks candies were exploding all over my face. I laughed out loud! It's such a bizarre sensation. (pic on the right is my face while experiencing the bubbles - obviously shocked!)

One strange thing about this product is that you really need to pile on the product to get the foaming effect to show up. When it bubbles is also shrinks, so what I thought was a sufficient amount quickly shrunk to a few patchy bits of foam (as you can see in the pic below! where did it all go???)

After one use I'm not sure I'm completely sold on the purifying effects, but I'm interested to see how my skin changes over time from using this mask. It's definitely a lot of fun and would be hilarious for a girl's night in. 

Have you tried any of these products? Do you agree with me that this packaging is awesome or are you yawning at it? Let me know in the comments! 

(btw, this is not sponsored!)

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