Checking in on my houseplants


Because I can't have pets in my current apartment, I'm becoming a bit of a crazy plant lady. But honestly, with cute plants all over instagram and hashtags like #plantgang and #plantgoals, I think we're all becoming crazy plant people. Though I come from a family of gardening geniuses, I am a little less talented and have lost a few plants over the years. So here's a little update on the greenery currently in my life.


I've had this Schefflera since I lived on Whidbey, so about 3 years now. I recently had to re-pot it as it was getting root-bound and now it's got a massive lean that I'm trying to correct. I'm so in love with it though. I have to stop myself from just filling my home with Scheffleras - something about them is so charming!

Little palm

This tiny little palm is fairly new and seems happy so far. I've had a few different plants go through this little Ikea pot and I'm really hoping this one sticks! I try to spritz it with water every week or so to create some humidity. Hopefully that's a good thing...

Mystery palm thing

I actually don't know what this plant is. I rescued it as a cutting from a trash bin at my work and threw it into some dirt on a whim. It's grown a little since then, mostly just new shoots at the top. I stuck a little raccoon friend that I've had forever in there. I'm not really sure if this plant is happy - I have a sneaking suspicion that it's not but I don't know what it needs. If anyone knows what this is, help!


Yes, I'm aware this plant looks like it's exploding. It's kind of a hot mess right now. I just repotted it into this large basket and it's having a field day. I'm really bad a plant pruning because I don't want to cut off any growth, but I need to get over it so I can encourage it to grow in a prettier way. This is starting to feel like a little bit of a self-reflection as well... 

Pilea Peperomioides

Here's the new baby! This plant is so popular with instagrammers and people with more money than me that I've been searching for it for well over 3 years. I FINALLY got my hands on one from Pistils Nursery in Portland (it was quite expensive and the stock was super limited!). I cannot even tell you how stressed I am about accidentally killing this guy. I'm being very careful with it and it had grown a few new shoots so I'm hopeful that I'm doing ok! I'm going to have a go at propagation once it's a little more settled and happy so then hopefully I can fill my home with more pileas. 

I did leave out my cactus collection as they're currently enjoying their summer holiday out on the porch and I forgot about them entirely. Oops. They're all pretty dormant which is bothering me so if anyone has any cactus tips to pass along, please share!!

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