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Sweet summer scents...

As you know from my previous review, I'm a big fan of Zoella Beauty products. The range has a variety of bath, skin, and fragrance products. The new line, Jelly & Gelato, just launched and is available on Ulta.com in the US! I ordered most of the products with the exception of the bath milk sachets which were sold out. 

My first impressions

When I say the products online initially, I thought maybe they looked a little cheap but in person the packaging is lovely. The tubs are sturdy and the gold labels are gorgeous. Luckily Ulta shipped the products in plastic bags with scotch tape over the lids so nothing spilled, but the scent of the products was still super strong. They all have an Elderflower & Pomegranate scent which is very very sweet, so if you're into that type of scent this is perfect for you. 

Cream Scrub: This in-shower scrub is formulated to brighten, smooth, and tone.

Shower Sauce: A bright and fresh shower gel.

Pink Bath Wafers: This bath fizz bar is made to look like a pink wafer cookie and has a divide down the middle so you can get two baths out of it. As a bonus, this fizzer is moisturizing!

Shower Shake: The companion to the Shower Sauce, this moisturizes skin in the shower.

Body Pudding: Last but not least, the body pudding! This is a creamy moisturizing cream with little pink bits that dissolve on the skin when you rub it in. 

This range is really affordable and would be a great gift for a younger girl (or guy!) in your life. You also get a lot of product for the price so they're a good value. My favorite product will most likely be the bath fizzer because I'm obsessed with all things bath at the minute. Overall I think this is a lovely product range!

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