Work Day Distractions Vol. 32


Happy Friday y'all! This week has been so crazy busy and long, I'm happy for the weekend to be here. But of course, I'm not resting much. I'm off to Seattle this weekend to visit friends and see a show at the Seattle Art Museum. Should be fun if I can overcome my driving in Seattle anxiety! Here are some good things from the net for ya.

+ I've been loving Nicholas Scarpinato's photography lately - every photo is so stunning!

+ This book has made SUCH a difference for me, more things should be illustrated, please.

+ I'm going to this show this weekend - will hopefully do a blog post!

+ I'm in love with this little sweater.

+ I've been a fan of Ava for quite some time, but her new character Charlene is getting a lot of media attention!

(Photo by Nicholas Scarpinato, linked above)

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