Work Day Distractions Vol. 30


Happy Friday people! This blog has been a little quiet lately and I'm not happy about it - I have lots of ideas and things brewing but work has been dominating my life and energy. This is definitely a good thing in a way because I'm learning and growing so much in my career life (you guys, I have SO MUCH to learn it's crazy. Very humbling). Sometimes I get overwhelmed by how many interests I have and things I want to do - that might be a whole other blog post! Anyways, here are some good links from the net:

+ The mega-cute T-shirt above is from this online shop (which has so many other good things too!!)

+ A preview of my future

+ I've been on several episodes of the Haven't Seen or Heard Podcast talking about films - check them out!
- Amelie
- Donnie Darko
- The Princess Bride 

+ A very clever take on the FAQ

+ I want everything in the line! More collabs like this in the future, please!

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