The Ordinary Serum Foundation


Not your ordinary foundation...

You guys know I'm a sucker for hype (and adverts and packaging - as if I didn't take a bunch of media classes!) - so when I started hearing about this brand The Ordinary and their supposedly amazing foundation, my ears perked up. The waitlist for these foundations is insane, the Coverage formulation was completely sold out when I went on their website, so I ordered the Serum formulation instead. 

At only $6.70, this foundation is amazingly affordable. Since the price was so good I ordered all three variations of their lightest shade. I have a hard time finding foundations that are light enough for my skin tone so I thought I would try out all the lightest - and at $6.70 ea, I didn't have much to lose!

The light shades (Very Fair 1.0) come in Neutral, Silver Highlights, and Pink Undertones. As you can see from the swatch, they all look fairly similar initially. The formulation is on the watery side and the coverage is light but buildable. And honestly? I'm loving it so far! The Silver Highlights shade is my favorite and the match for my skin is perfect. I've never used a foundation that had silver highlights (what does that mean, really?) but it seems to help counteract redness on my cheeks. The coverage is surprisingly good, so I can only imagine that the actual Coverage formula would be really high coverage. This foundation makes my skin look smooth and even without looking cakey.

If you can get your hands on this, I would really recommend it!

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