How Seeing a Psychic Gave Me Hope


I've always been curious about seeing a psychic. I hover in that in-between of belief and skepticism - I don't necessarily have any spiritual beliefs, I don't know if ghosts exist, but I have definitely felt energy before. I've had moments of sudden intuition in situations, I've felt energy (both good and bad) resonate from old places. So in a way, those seem connected to something beyond me. But mind reading or communicating with the dead always seemed a bit of a crock to me. 

I saw a palm reader once at a county fair who was obviously a fake because she asked me about my brothers who I do not have. I was just sort of hoping that she'd tell me what all the lines on my hand meant but she didn't seem to know - my own fault for going to someone at a county fair! So when I felt at a crossroads in life and wanted to see a psychic, I turned to trusty old Really! I did! I found a psychic on Yelp. I know, these modern times are crazy. 

So why did I decide to see a psychic in the first place? 

Beyond curiosity, I felt like I was at a place in my life where I was turning the same issues and questions over and over in mind and it was to a place where none of my friends had anything constructive to offer and were frankly tired of having the same discussions with me again and again. I've done therapy before but the process of explaining to someone everything I've been through so they can understand how I got to where I'm at is tiring and slightly traumatic for me. I just liked the idea of going in cold and seeing what someone could offer me, without having to explain anything. 

I booked an appointment with Miss Renee online. She had nothing but positive reviews but the one that really hooked me was that she was kind and welcoming but also a straight shooter. I didn't want someone who was goofy or would tell me nonsense that sounded good. I had to send her my birth information (time, date, city) before I came so she could create a birth chart for the session. I drove up to North Portland on a sunny day and parked on a side street outside a little house. She instructed not to be more than 5 minutes early so I made sure to walk through the door exactly on time. I went down the stairs into the basement and into a little room where Miss Renee was sitting at a table smiling. Right away I felt comfortable with her - she was warm and welcoming and really funny from the get go. She did a sage smudging thing which is meant to cleanse your aura and then I selected a stone from the table to hold on to for the session. 

Miss Renee started with my birth chart and spent the majority of the reading telling me the positions of the planets and signs and how they affect my life and drive me as a person. And she got me spot on. I wasn't that surprised by much of the actual information, but the accuracy of how she read my fears and motivations from the birth chart impressed me. She didn't ask too many questions of me, just asked occasionally if what she had said made sense to me or sounded correct (all of which did). But not only did she give me information about who I am on the chart, she gave me information on how to avoid bad paths I was liable to go down and concrete things I could do to change. 

Here are a few examples of the things she told me that were right on the money:

+ I'm a workaholic (as indicated by Sun in Aries in the 6th house) and put immense pressure on myself, need "irons in the fire" at all times and am highly goal driven.
+ Don't know how to be satisfied or appreciate the efforts of my work.
+ Am self-sacrificial in relationships in an effort to hang on to them, become passive aggressive to avoid conflict. 
+ Loves a good underdog and am deeply enraged by seeing people treated unfairly, to the extreme that I'd make a good lawyer or advocate (something that I've thought about before).
+ Get easily frustrated if things don't happen in life immediately.
+ I show love for people by trying to help them "sort their shit out" but have a hard time letting them get close to me. 

I don't want to share everything she said, but these things were said without judgment and presented as areas of opportunity. You can't fix the problem until you directly recognize it and this reading helped to put down on paper things about myself that might be holding me back from the future I want. She didn't sugarcoat things either. She directly said that if I didn't regain balance in my workaholic area, I would be the kind of person who at 50 had an amazing career but was alone. And that is one of my biggest fears.

I came into the session with a primary focus - Miss Renee asked me at the start why I had come and what I was looking for help with. And I told her that I was starting to lose hope in love. This has been a very deep and painful thing for me recently and I was at a loss of what to do. At the end of the session, she had me ask one question to the Tarot card deck and feel for a card to answer that question. I asked a question about a future partner and the cards gave me a definite timeline. Am I putting all my faith in this prediction? No, but what it really did was give me back some hope. That someone else was able to look into my life and see the potential for love felt empowering. She told me that I had some work to do to open myself up and restructure how I've learned to love and be loved by people. Not easy work, but after this session, I felt so motivated and ready to start.

As for the timeline? Well, I'm going to keep that one to myself. She told me a little bit about what kind of person he could be as well, but I'm going to keep those cards close to my chest until the timeline passes and it did or didn't happen. We'll see. Maybe someday I'll be writing on here about how everything came true exactly how she said it. But even if it doesn't, the power of having someone you don't know understand your personality and tell you that as long as you make sure you've done the work to be ready, opportunities will come, was so worth it. 

(collage journal and photos by me!)

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Alison. It can be tough to open up, but sharing stories like this helps everyone :) I know you're going to find the right guy for you one of these days--and I'm sure it'll be worth the wait!

  2. I’m curious if her timeline predictions came true :) keep us updated!