Daiso Haul!


On my way back from a visit to Whidbey Island, I made sure to visit one of my favorite stores in Lynnwood: Daiso! Daiso is a Japanese "dollar" store that has several locations around the US - I got lucky to live close to the one at Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood for a time. I parked at the mall and trekked down past the new Lush store and the huge kids play area only to find that the space Daiso had formerly been was occupied by some clothing store! Mildly panicked, I checked the directory and sure enough, Daiso was not on the list. I scrolled through outdated yelp reviews on my phone to discover some articles that said they might have moved just outside the mall so I jumped in my car and luckily I found Daiso in its own standalone building! So if you haven't been in awhile, Daiso Alderwood is now bigger and better! Though I do admit, being shoved into tight aisles with strangers while the Princess Mononoke soundtrack played was a unique experience.

The new store has a much more calm vibe and is very spacious. I tried to stock up on some things I've been missing and snatch up anything cute, even if I didn't NEED it. Here's what I got!

Bento Boxes

I'm pretty sure I'm still a 6-year-old kid in a 27-year-old's body - having a cute lunch makes me so much more excited to eat it! Admit it - things look so depressing in your average old Tupperware! I'm really going to have to step up my game for this strawberry bento box, it deserves a full-on decorated lunch. 

Bento Accessories 

I definitely got a little carried away with accessories - there are so many adorable things available! From left to right I picked up a chopstick case, some child sized chopsticks with pandas on them, an alphabet cutter (perfect for cheese or ham! says the label), some onigiri single wraps, some pastel bento grass, and a little knife for decorative cutting.

I also picked up some cookie cutters, including the flower shapes I've been looking for! These are perfect for cutting carrots and the bigger shapes would be ideal for cutting cucumbers! I couldn't resist the animal ones either, but I think I will save those for actual cookies.

And finally sauce containers! I use those little Solo mainly for salad dressing, because I find oil based dressing really tough to clean out of plastic containers that I intend to use again. So I bought several packages of those and a couple cute little sauce containers for good measure! (I can't resist the animal ones!)

Beauty & Stationary

I have been meaning to get one of these eyelash contaniers for awhile and I ended up with two. Oops. I couldn't decide between pink and white! They each hold 3 pairs of false eyelashes so that you can reuse them, which is ideal as false eyelash packaging doesn't always hold up. 

I got a few stationary bits as well - a polar bear notebook, and hedgehog and Mt. Fuji-themed little letter sets. 

and last but not least!

Some Pocky because you HAVE TO. 

Hope you enjoyed this little Daiso haul - leave me a comment if you know of anything like this near Portland!

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