Work Day Distractions Vol. 29


It's finally Friday! This week has been filled with a lot of anxiety and self-doubt, but also some wins as well. I'm working on savoring the good things that happen to me and trying to carry them through the week instead of dwelling on the bad things that happen (spoiler: it's very hard and I am only doing so-so but I am trying ok???). I'm really looking forward to this weekend, hopefully I will be taking some chill out time. We'll see! 

+ On no guys...I think I may have been converted...into a Harry Styles fan 

+ The new season of the Bachelorette is starting next week and the guys' profiles are up - do you watch? Who's your pick? Mine is definitely not the guy who put that his job is "tickle monster." ICK.

+ I SO BADLY want one of these

+ My favorite podcast right now

(photo via Rolling Stone)

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