Work Day Distractions Vol. 28


Happy Friday! I have a big old migraine today for some reason so I'm taking it easy. What are your plans for this weekend? I'm going to watch Pay-per-view boxing at the cinema (vamos Canelo!) which is like my little tradition - I never seem to make friends who like boxing so I'm just going alone. But honestly, 3ish hours of boxing with a big bag of popcorn is like heaven for me. Movie theaters will always be my happy place. Anywho, here's some links from the web for your workday!

+ I'm afraid I might be becoming the crazy bean lady. I LOVE beans ok??? They're good protein when you're a vegetarian. They're just good! This is my fave recipe lately.

+ This cute ottoman is on sale! I want it so bad but I already have an ottoman for my makeup table

+ Recently was introduced to the best instagram - the dogist - definitely giving me all the puppy feels

+ agendas are here!!! I'm stupidly excited about them this year - I want this next year to be my most on top of my ish yet.

+ I found this beginner's guide to Google Analytics really helpful - now I can finally see what countries all my readers are from (hello Italia!!!)

Have a super duper weekend!

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