Spring Scents


Florals, for Spring? Groundbreaking.

I always wanted to be one of those people with a signature scent that would be immediately recognizable as mine, but instead, I became kind of a perfume obsessive. I tend to change up my perfumes by season and when spring rolls around all I want to wear is light floral scents. I'm honestly waiting for someone to bottle pure lilac because I would wear that every single day. But since that hasn't happened yet, here are my three favorite scents that I have on rotation for spring.

Nest Verde

This scent stands apart as it has greenery notes instead of floral. I like Verde as a unisex fragrance and I wear it on days I want to feel a little less feminine. It's fresh and light and transitions nicely from day to night. The notes are Wild Fern, Himalayan Ceder, Verbena Leaves and Vetiver.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau so Fresh

I have to admit that I might have had this perfume for a little too long. Do fragrances go bad? I don't know. I have a weak spot for the whole Marc Jacobs Daisy range so when they came out with this colorful packaging for the Eau so Fresh I snatched it up immediately. If you know the classic Daisy scent, this is like a watered down version with much fruitier notes added. It feels more wearable during the day and you can spray on as much as you want and it doesn't get overwhelming. Key notes are Red Raspberry, Wild Rose, and Warm Plum. 

The Body Shop - British Rose

Last but not least - I'm still obsessed with this scent! I've talked about it here before, but it's holding fast in my favorites. It's like no rose scent I've smelled before, it's not granny-ish or overpowering. One downside to this is that it doesn't last very long (the eau de toilette distinction is no joke here). I frequently spritz a ton of this in my hair before going out and sometimes spray it on my bedding. Yeah - I like it that much!!

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