Piping Practice


I've been practicing! 

If you're a creative person, you might find that some creative activities are high stakes (and high stress!) and some are just purely enjoyable. Sometimes I find photography to be very high stress - mostly due to my art school background; everything has to have MEANING and be ART. It can be hard to get myself into the mindset of just playing and experimenting with photography. So often I turn to another form of creative expression to just simply lose myself and create for joy. Lately, that's been cookie decorating. I love to bake all kinds of things but if I need something mindless (or mindful?) I always turn to sugar cookies with piped icing. 

I recently read a HuffPost article about how baking for others can be therapeutic and it really resonated with me. I've always equated baking treats to love (I think gift giving is one of my love languages), but the act of baking as an act of mindfulness was a new concept for me. I love this quote from the article:

Pincus said that when that being mindful ― such as when you bake ― it can mean “you’re not spending time ruminating over your thoughts, we know that rumination leads to depression and sad thoughts, if you’re doing something productive. And the nice thing about baking is that you have such a tangible reward at the end and that can feel very beneficial to others.”

There are so many ways to be artistic with piped icing and Pinterest has been my best friend for inspiration. I found this corgi cookie cutter and icing design through there and ordered it right away because I'd never seen something so cute! I also was inspired by this cat cookie design on Pinterest for my cat cookies. I find that even if you're trying to copy a cookie design, you'll inevitably add your own spin on it and it won't look quite the same. 

Another amazing spot for ideas and inspiration is Instagram and Biscuiteers London has the most incredible cookie designs. I would so love to learn from them someday - they're fantastic! Their feed is one of my favorites for a little creative boost. I also watch episodes of The Great British Bakeoff ALL THE TIME (I'm obsessed). 

I'm definitely not perfect - I'm still learning the best ways to flood icing and how to pipe with finesse, but practice makes near-perfect, right? The more important part is that it's fun and I enjoy it (though sometimes I still manage to stress myself out about it - hello 3 am pre-Xmas cookie decorating madness). 

What do you do when you need to just focus on something and forget all your worries? 
I would love to know! 


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