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Here begins my wardrobe clear out! I'm starting with shoes because I feel that category is easier to tackle than my closet or drawers (though they're next!). I have to do a clearout like this in stages, especially as I'm doing it alone. I tend to get overwhelmed and lose steam. It's soooo much easier with a friend - my favorite consultant is my sister because she's ruthless. She'll be like, "You never wear that, it has to go." I need that in my life!

A breakdown of the above shoe collection photo:
Top row: The black flats & heels section.
LtR: Target strappy flats, T-bars and lace-ups from Nordstrom Rack, Born pointed flats, bow flats from Nordstrom Rack, BCBG Generation stud heels, F21 wedges, Seychelles heels
Bottom row: Sneakers & sandals
LtR: Nike sneakers, 3 pairs of Keds, Franco Sarto wedges, BCBG Generation heeled sandals, Target flat sandals x2, Teva flip flops

As you can see I buy a lot of shoes at Nordstrom Rack - it's my favorite place to shop because I love high-end pieces but only if they're a good deal. 

To keep me company I put on some YouTube, I've been watching FleurdeForce's Japan vlogs and dreaming of a Japan trip... 

Three pairs of Keds seems excessive. I have only worn the aqua pair once which is a real shame. They're from the Taylor Swift collaboration and they have little polka dots and pawprints on them. I had this vision in my mind of wearing them with a white dress in the summer but I never did that. I've worn the crap out of both the blue and red pair and they probably need to be thrown in the bin, to be honest. 

Both of these shoes are actually navy and I bought them at the same time when I had to throw out my previous pair of black flats. They're both kind of uncomfortable and I don't wear them very often.

These are all going away! I have the hardest time letting go of shoes unless they're completely destroyed, so I'm proud that these are going in the friends/donate pile. 

Shoe Stories 

I get really attached to my shoes (and all my possessions really) because of the memories I have in those shoes - I literally remember how and when I bought each pair! I feel like that's unusual - does anyone else experience that? Here's a couple little background stories about a few pairs... 

These Seychelles heels are an original blogger shoe - they were a pair that Rhiannon from Liebemarlene had back in like 2007 and I was obsessed with them. I finally found them on eBay a few years later and bought them hoping and praying they were the right size. They are SO HIGH and they HURT after about an hour but I love them so much. They make my legs look amazing. I keep trying to wear them to events and end up hobbling at the end of the night but it's worth is because they are so gorgeous.

These wedges are the only shoes I have ever purchased from Forever 21 and lo and behold they are still holding up great! I saw Grace Helbig wearing these at VidCon ages ago and loved how they looked on her and I got lucky and happened to come across them at F21. I get a lot of compliments everytime I wear them and they're so comfortable. I have also stepped in dog poo not once, but TWICE in these and the bottoms have a bunch of tiny grooves in them so both of those instances were nightmares.


Ok, so these look a little sad because they're all slumped over. And a pair of sneakers snuck in because I forgot about them. 

Top Row, LtR: Target cognac boots, Nordstrom Rack lace up boots (/Legend of Zelda adventure boots), Target black boots, DSW Chelsea boots, Minnetonka fringe black boots
Bottom row, LtR: Vans men's high tops, Sam Edelman black boots, Urban Outfitters combat boots

My current ankle boot selection. On the left are my Harry Styles boots, which I bought during my Chelsea boot search (black ones still TBD). They're kind of weird and don't go with everything but I like them anyway. On the right are my combat boots from Urban Outfitters which I bought in 2008(!!!!!). They're real leather and have held up beautifully until the last year - the heels were worn down so much in the back so I had them replaced, and right after I realized the front bit is coming apart from the bottom! So they are sitting in my closet, waiting to go to the cobbler to see if they can be salvaged. They're the best boots ever and I will cry if they're a lost cause. 

And these are my rejects. These ones pain me so much. On the left is a pair of Minnetonka boots that I bought from a vintage store and really only wore in college a few times. And on the right are a Sam Edelman pair that I love the look of but they're a bit too big and they hurt my feet. They were on the pricey side (though I did get them at Nordstrom Rack so not as much as they would have been) so it sucks to get rid of them but I'm trying to be ruthless, ok???

New Shoes!

I treated myself to a couple of pairs of new shoes - 3 to be exact, one I ordered online from Topshop and is on the way. EVERYONE at my work wears ankle boots and being able to wear a comfortable heel to work is really appealing and I finally found a pair I like. These ones are from a brand called Louise et Cie which is under Vince Camuto. I also found this pair of patent oxfords by Steve Madden for only $15 which felt like a massive score! 

So, in conclusion, I got rid of 5 pairs of shoes and acquired 3, so I have two fewer pairs than when I started! Hooray! Better than I expected, to be honest. 

I'll be doing a clear out of my closet and my drawers coming up in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!

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