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Welcome to Part 2 of my Wardrobe Clearout series (Part 1 was Shoes). Today I'm tackling my closet and then I'll be saving the biggest hurdle, my drawers, for last. I would say compared to some people's closets, mine isn't that bad. It's not overstuffed, things aren't falling out. But I also know that there are some items hiding in there that I haven't worn for over a year - so time to sort it out!

I'm going to be sharing my top tips for a wardrobe clearout because obviously, I am an expert (pssh). Yeah, I'm no Marie Kondo but I'll just do my best here.

Number one: Take everything out of your closet

I highly recommend taking every single thing out of your closet and preferably moving them to another room. I chose to put everything on my living room couch. When you're so used to seeing these items in their "home" it starts to feel like they belong there even if you haven't worn them in awhile. Getting your clothes out into a new space will help you see them in a different light and you can see how they all relate to one another. If you have multiples of the same thing or a piece that clashes with everything else it will immediately become apparent. 

I just need some company 

If you're me, you're alone a lot. I don't always have a buddy to clean my closet out with so putting on a movie for background noise makes it feel like you're not on your own. I usually put on a movie I've already seen that I can half ignore because if I can't get distracted by the film. I chose Mamma Mia for this clearout - what a cheeseball movie right? ABBA though, yes please.

Let go of old loves

I KNOW it's hard. Believe me. I am the most sentimental person in the world (not an overstatement). But you've got to step back and realize that the memories you have in a piece of clothing won't disappear just because that item is gone. One thing I've been having a tough time with is this bomber jacket. It's only from Forever 21, it didn't cost a ton, but it's been with me through a lot. I bought it in college and it's gone with a ton of outfits over the years. Unfortunately, it hasn't held up very well and has started to flake and peel. For this reason, I don't wear it out anymore, so it's time to say goodbye. I'm like actually going to cry writing this. I love you bomber jacket. So long.

It's ok to be sentimental - just not about everything

I do have a couple pieces that are vintage and that I just am not ready to let go of yet, even though I haven't really been wearing them. That's ok. You can keep a few special pieces, don't beat yourself up about it. Just remember that not EVERYTHING can be a special piece - recognize what you're hanging on to because it's a treasure or if it's just a treasured memory. 

Create a holiday box

Do you have a holiday box already? I just made one for all the bits and bobs I like to wear during any holiday. I don't like to get rid of themed clothing because it's a huge pain to rebuy every year, so I put any Christmas or Halloween gear in a box in my closet. This skeleton dress was hanging in my everyday clothes so I forgot about it this year - so into the box it goes!

Make some piles

Separate your clothing into 3 or 4 piles (or more depending on how many categories you have). I stuck with Keep, Donate, and Sell piles. Here's a peek:

Donate pile
Some dresses, shirts, a company vest, my bomber

Sell pile
Topshop Dress, H&M Blazer, Pendleton Skirt, Acid wash Dress

(If you're interested in buying any of the items pictured here, send me an email, leave me a comment, tweet me, whatever!)

I made it through my closet! It took me about an hour and I ended up with two full bags to donate and four items to sell - not too bad in my opinion! Next, I'm tackling my drawers which are chock full of t-shirts I don't wear and pj's that don't fit. Hooray!

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