Style Crush: Marzia Bisognin


It Girl: Marzia Bisognin 

Marzia Bisognin is a YouTuber, blogger, author, fashion designer, etc etc etc - what isn't she doing??? I've been in love with her personal style ever since I discovered her YouTube videos three years ago. Marzia is originally from Italy but is now based out of Brighton, England and lives with by boyfriend Felix (fellow YouTuber Pewdiepie) and their two pugs. On both her YouTuber channel and blog she features style and beauty inspiration and tips: here are a couple of my favorite videos of hers. 

She effortlessly blends cutesy feminine pieces with more modern designer items. She changes up her style to suit her mood - sometimes girly, sometimes edgy, but somehow always maintaining a sense of identity. What I love most about Marzia's style is that she has fun putting outfits together and her looks are thoughtful and whimsical. It's a reminder to me to take more style risks and have a good time with my wardrobe. I've always been a little resistant to the "capsule wardrobe" concept because I don't want to get bored with fashion or dress like everyone else - this is sort of like the anti-capsule style. Not that there's anything wrong with a capsule wardrobe, I just am not quite into that. You can make a collection of unique quirky pieces work together, and I think Marzia's style is the perfect example of that concept. 

Marzia has also graduated to designing her own line and while I don't own any of her clothes, they look adorable. Here are a few looks from her range:

How freaking cute are those overalls though? 

Marzia's style aspects I want to incorporate in my style:

- Wear more hats! I look real cute in hats but almost never wear them - I want to add hats to my weekend wardrobe.

- Don't worry about sticking to one overarching style: If I just pick pieces I like it will all come together in the end.

- Mix pieces and layer more purposefully.

- Invest in your footwear: Marzia has AMAZING shoes (way-over-my-budget-shoes) and I think well-made quality shoes are a good investment if you treat them right. 

Hope you enjoyed the style inspo!

All photos via Marzia's Instagram or Blog

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