Nighttime Skincare Essentials


I’ve been struggling for years to figure out my skin. Is it oily or dry? Is that acne or rosacea? And most importantly, what products should I use?
I haven’t found my holy grail products yet, but I wanted to share what I’m currently using because right now I am loving these products. Maybe it will change in a month, who knows? As the seasons change and skin ages, we need different products, but this is what’s working for me right now.

I first heard about this product from an Ingrid Nilsen video and immediately went out and purchased it. I’m easily influenced like that sometimes. But it sounded like the perfect product. It’s basically and oily balm that you rub into your makeup and then it turns into a milky cleanser when you add water to the skin. It easily dissolves mascara which I find to be the most aggravating bit of taking my makeup off. If you’re used to using makeup wipes for everything, this can be a messier option – especially for me, I get water everywhere when I wash my face. The tub of balm is huge and as you don’t need much per use, this is a much more economical option than constantly purchasing face wipes.

After cleansing I usually follow up with a toner. I’ve been using this same Olay toner ever since I first started using makeup and it has such a nostalgic scent that I have never wanted to try anything else. It does a great job at removing any leftover makeup or dirt left on the skin after cleansing and leaves your face feeling fresh.

Ooohhhhh the smell of this alone made me buy it – not even joking. It also is a lovely moisturizer and feels refreshing to put on and leave on all night. It smells like “rose” but not your typical grandma rose smell – this is more complex. I pack a light layer of this on every night to keep my skin hydrated and to brighten up any discoloration while I sleep. It’s the ultimate luxury lazy girl product, and though a little spendy I think it’s worth the money for how much product you get and how good it really is.

This is another YouTube-made-me-buy-it product, but as soon as I saw this I had to have it. I’ve been dealing with lips that dry out overnight no matter what Vaseline type products I slather on them so I was in the market to try something new. I have the shade “Honey” which has no tint since I only use it at night, but there are two other shades in the range if you prefer something with color payoff. The formulation is very sticky and high shine but also luxurious and moisturizing – it doesn’t just sit on your lips but sinks in. I also have to shout out the doe-foot applicator, something about using this giant applicator is sooo soothing. Since I’ve started using this overnight I haven’t woken up to a single day of cracked lips, and that’s a win in my book!

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