Bunny Lip Gloss for Easter


Anyone who knows me knows that I'm the BIGGEST sucker for cute packaging. I can't resist it. I've definitely purchased some lame products just because their packaging was adorable.
 Enter Korean cosmetic company TonyMoly with these Petite Bunny Gloss Bars. I confess - I totally bought my first one on a whim, not expecting it to be great. But I was blown away and ordered two more! (There's quite a few more now on their website and I want them all!)

From left to right, I have the shades Juicy Orange, Juicy Strawberry, and Juicy Apple. Of these Juicy Apple is definitely my favorite, but Orange is a close second. You get a sheer wash of noticeable color with both of those - the Strawberry one doesn't really have much color payoff but leaves a nice shine on the lips. They're not drying and are the perfect thing to put on when you have no mirror, right before a meeting. I miiiight be speaking from experience on that one. 

Another bonus is that TonyMoly does not test on animals! Something you can feel good about with Easter coming up - these bunnies didn't harm any real bunnies! 

not sponsored - I wish!

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