Alison Tries to Garden Again


Balcony gardening 

Ok I am the first to admit that I'm not a great gardener. My family is definitely known for having a green thumb and I'm related to several amazing gardeners. I mistakenly thought this intuitiveness about plants would just naturally pass to me....NOPE. 

Last year I bought some pots for our balcony and planted some bachelor buttons seeds and a strawberry plant and THEY ALL DIED!!!!! I think it was some combination of bad weather, our neighbor cat digging in them and general neglect that did them in. I'm sorry plants!

So this year I am trying again. Spring weather has gotten under my skin in a big way and I'm ready to nurture some new growth on the balcony. 

First I had to deal with these mysterious monster plants that moved into these pots over the winter. I have no idea what they are but man they were tough to dig out! 

I got some new potting soil so I spent a lot of time digging the roots of this weird plant out of the soil and replacing it with new soil. 

I decided to give bachelor buttons another go this year - they're my favorite flower and I just want so badly to have bouquets of them in my house at all times. I got a packet of lavender seeds from a random salesperson at my work and then I saw these lily of the valley bulbs at Home Depot and couldn't resist. I've never grown any of these (successfully) before - wish me luck! 

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