Spring Cleaning: Art Supplies


It's that time of year

Do you like seeing other people's cleaning and organization strategies? I do, I'm nosy like that. I did a dresser organization post a loooong time ago that went over really well, so I hope you like this little series! Here's my contribution to the spring cleaning madness. I am having some big life changes so it seems like the right time to clear things out and start again. I'm going to be doing this for a few different areas of my life and documenting it along the way. And I'm starting with art supplies!

Being an art student was a bit like being a hoarder. I saved the weirdest things because YOU NEVER KNOW what you might be inspired to create. At one point I had an old metal meat grinder for making sausages in my art studio, just because it looked cool (I'm a vegetarian! Why did I need this???)  My collection has definitely dwindled since college, but I've been holding on to some things from past projects that I refuse to admit I'll never use again. My motto this year is purging out the bad/unhelpful things in life and you have to be ruthless! I am such a sentimental person that I form some deep attachment to the memories associated with things. This can become very troublesome when it comes to getting rid of things. I try to remind myself that living with less clutter makes me feel so much happier and focused.

Among my collection now are things like old sewing patterns, maps, silver mylar tape, an awl, tiny clothespins, and tons of photographs, both vintage and my own. 

I started by taking everything out from its hiding places and dumping everything on the floor, throwing out everything junky. I had scraps of paper that I was saving on the off chance that MAYBE I'd use them someday, but no - here's a tip, if it's been 5 years and you forgot you even had them, you're probably never going to use them. So out they went.

Here's a before and after of the top drawer of my craft organizer. Definitely more manageable this way! I love being able to see everything I have so I know exactly what I'm working with. I have a really odd collection of tape in this drawer, including masking, electrical, floral, and silver mylar. Be prepared, I guess? If you need weird tape, I'm your girl.

One thing I've struggled with for a long time is how best to organize my photos - I have hundreds of prints in old photo paper boxes. Does anyone out there have a good solution? 

I had a little plant tragedy last week and it broke my heart. I've had this peace lily for a number of years and I mistakenly over watered it like an idiot and it got root rot. I've never been amazing with plants but this one has been with me through several moves and I got so attached to it. I feel like I let it down. I finally got up the nerve to get a new peace lily and start fresh. Breathe, let go, move on to the new. 

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