February Beauty Favorites


A couple of beauty bits and pieces...

In February I started getting back into beauty products again. Winter makes me so lethargic that I've been finding it hard to change up my routine and try new things or even to use all the different products I have. Now that the sun is starting to peak out my energy is returning and I've been having more fun with my makeup. Here are my favorite picks from the month of February:

Davines Sea Salt Spray

This is far and away the best sea salt spray I have ever used. I've always loved the idea of salt sprays that given you beachy texture, but they've always made my hair look stringy and gross. Davines got it right with this spray - it gives your hair just the right amount of texture and works great for making freshly blow-dried hair look piecey. It even works on my super thick hair!

I am somewhat of a highlighter addict. Glowy cheek bones and brow bones are essential in my everyday routine. This cream highlighter is a soft bronze with a hint of shimmer and very easy to apply in this twist up tube. I've found myself reaching for this when I need to quickly apply something under my brows.

Speaking of brows - a new product I've incorporated into my nighttime routine is Benefit's brow conditioner. I'm not sure if having soft brows was ever one of my goals, but now I do! You can use this immediately before applying brow products or you can use it like I do overnight. It provides a great base for powder or brow gel.

This eyeshadow is an old favorite of mine that I keep coming back to. I have a thing for amber/bronze eyeshadows (blue eyes + red hair + bronze eyes = yes) and this is by far the most gorgeous one I've ever found. It's a pressed powder formulation so it comes with a little stopper to keep it pressed. Because of this, it has some significant fallout when applying, but I think it's worth it for the amazing color payoff. 

And that's it for February! Anything you've loved this month that I should know about? I'm always keen for recommendations.

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