Blinded by the Light


Is it too cheesy to say that this highlighter was love at first...light? Yes. Yes it is. But that doesn't make it any less true!
When I first saw the press release for Too Faced's new highlighter collection, Love Light, I knew I had to have one. There are three shades in the collection: a golden bronze, a peachy rose, and this one - a pale cream. They are described as "Prismatic" and this shade, Blinded by the Light, definitely has an almost iridescent quality to it. 

A heart shaped compact... 

Can we just talk about this packaging??? I'm such a sucker for gimmicky product packaging. I think this design manages to remain classy while retaining that fun Polly Pocket feel that the blushes have. Having this in my makeup bag makes me so happy it's ridiculous - there's definitely something to be said for a product that is a joy to use. It's such a boost to your makeup routine. 

Of the three shades, Blinded by the Light is the most subtle and best suited as a highlight on pale skin. If you have darker skin you can use all three as a highlight, but the other two colors would definitely show up as a blush or bronzer on my face. Despite its appearance, it's not a drastic highlight and can be worn day or night.

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