Work Day Distractions Vol. 23


Happy Friday!!!!!! Hooray hooray! This week has dragged on and on for me, so I am THRILLED it's the weekend. What are your plans? I'm hosting a little Oscars viewing party on Sunday. I always get stressed about being a host, I'm worried people won't come! I'm sure it will be fun in any case.
Here are a few bits and bobs from the ol' net for your workday:

+ I was doing some research on Anna Karina and found this interview she did in 2016 - really interesting!

+ If you haven't already read this, it's an absolute must - an account of a terrible year working for Uber. And additionally, a follow up proving that this is rampant!

+ Some really great advice from Liz Gilbert.

+ This dog is the CUTEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN!!!

+ I love Oh Joy for Target and they just brought out pet products!

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