Post-Oscar Thoughts

Part of my Oscars Party spread! Featuring cinnamon muffins, multicolored meringues, and candy. Also, I snapped this on my new iPhone and I am living for this quality!
Ok so the Oscars happened and there has been no escaping the controversy surrounding the last 10 minutes of the show. I've been avoiding any post-Oscars articles due to overwhelming second hand embarrassment for everyone involved in that fiasco. (If you didn't watch, they mistakenly gave the Best Picture award to La La Land and then had to correct it to the real winner, Moonlight, mid acceptance speech. So awkward.) I was so so pleased that Moonlight won the Best Picture award - it was absolutely the best film of the year and a masterfully emotional work of art. Mahershala Ali winning Best Supporting Actor was also a highlight.

This was the second year I decided to throw a little Oscars party/get together and it's becoming my new tradition. The Oscars were always an important fixture in my house growing up (true story - my mom was watching the Oscars while in labor with me!) and as my love of film has only grown, I think it's only right to honor my mom and throw a party! I also did pretty well on my goal of seeing all the Best Picture noms, I only missed 2 this year. This did put me at a bit of an unfair advantage on the voting ballot but we always play for really low stakes, so I walked away with a whole $5! Being able to sit around and chat about movies and eat snacks is definitely one of the highlights of my year.

What did you think of the Oscars? Any films that should/shouldn't have won their awards? I was thrilled for Moonlight and for Arrival winning a Sound award (best sound, hands down!). I wasn't so impressed that Zootopia won Best Animation over some of the other amazing choices. Tell me your thoughts!

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