Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies


Confession: I think those little conversation heart candies are gross. 
Really cute, but they taste like chalk! Yuck. 
So I decided to make my own spin on them and make sugar cookies instead! 

These are really easy as long as you have a steady piping hand. Just use your favorite sugar cookie recipe (mine is a secret but here's a clue: Martha Stewart's first book). I used some watery food dye for the pastel colors and used a Wilton red gel for the red lettering.

My favorite part of making these was selecting the silliest phrases - including some of my old favorites like "Fax Me". You can be as creative as you want with the messages or even personalize them for a special someone. I personally just brought them all to the office to share. 

Valentine's Day can be a real bummer for some people. 

It is a little weird to have a holiday that celebrates romantic love - for single people it can feel like a day of rubbing your face in it. But - even as a perpetually single lonely person - I've always loved Valentine's Day. To me it's just a day (or month) to buy adorable heart shaped things and to show some extra love to your friends/loved ones/pets/coworkers. Love is the most important part of life and it can be celebrated in every form, not just in the cheesy rom-com way Hallmark advertises (seriously, what is with those films, they're horrid).

I hope whatever you do one Valentine's Day, you show love to the people around you and to yourself. And maybe eat a cookie - you deserve it!

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