Zoella Beauty at Target!


It's finally here!

I've been waiting for Zoella Beauty to launch at Target and it's finally here! I've been a fan of Zoe Sugg's range of products since the beginning - their launch coincided with my first trip to London and I stocked up on everything I could bring back on my last trip. Awkwardly, I had the Blissful Mistful spray in my carryon and forgot and got chewed out by a TSA worker (luckily I got to keep it! He was not pleased with me...). 

My local Target only had these three products, but there are lots more online and I'm sure more will be in stores soon. For now I'm happy to have these in my life again!

First thing I spotted was the Fizz Bar. This is one of my favorites from the range. It lightly scents your bath with a sweet candy-like smell and it's a fun addition to my epsom salt "calm down" baths. 

I own the Blissful Mistful in the full size spray so I'm excited to have this little solid perfume for travel. The scent is not too strong - perfect for the daytime (definitely a spring scent!). I'm going to have to remember that this is not a lip balm though! The tin it comes in is absolutely adorable. 

Lastly I picked up the Soap Pop which I have never tried. I've also never had a soap on a stick so this should be an adventure! It has the same scent as the other two products and it's perfect to use in conjunction with the Fizz Bar in the bath. I'm so into this cutesy aesthetic right now - having a very middle school nostalgic moment (in a good way!). 

Here's a link to everything currently online at Target. I can't wait to see what else they'll be bringing into stores. I'm loving the influx of British products into mainstream stores lately! 

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