Some Thoughts from the Women's March


On Saturday I had the privilege to march along with millions of women all over the world for human rights. Downtown Portland was so packed with people that buses were refusing to take any more passengers. It poured rain. People sang and cheered and chanted. 

It can be easy to make excuses for not participating in things like this. I almost stayed home because I have anxiety in big crowds. And I went, and did have some anxiety in a big crowd. And I got cold and soaked through by the rain. But ultimately it was bigger than me and my anxiety and my wet clothes. Showing up was so important. 

It really hit me after the march, when I was looking at photos and videos online from all over the world. People I love and admire were also standing up for their rights. I don't know if there's ever been a time I've felt so connected to so many women in the world. It made me proud to be a woman. 

I hope that wherever you are, you do not feel defeated, but determined. Our work is just beginning. 

I am ready, with the marchers of the world by my side, to start this fight. 

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