Snow Day!


more like snow week...

Overnight Portland turned into a giant snowdrift! If you live in the PNW you understand how completely unprepared we always are for any snow accumulation (uhhh, this isn't rain? help?), so everything always turns into a giant mess. My car was buried and the streets were impossible so I had to take a vacation day from work. Emily and I decided to bundle up and go trek to Laurelhurst Park to see if there were any dogs out playing (there were!) and to enjoy the way the world goes a little silent in the snow. People were cross country skiing all around the neighborhood and we even saw skiis propped up outside our local bar. It felt like our neighborhood had transformed into an alpine town!

We're still iced in and I'm not even thinking about driving anywhere today in my tiny little car.

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1 comment:

  1. It look beautiful!
    Hope you had fun.