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2017: The Year of Great Eyebrows...

For Christmas my sister gave me this Benefit Brow kit, the Defined & Refined Brows, and I have been waiting until I've had time to properly put it to the test. I've been wanting to try Benefit's range of brow products for quite awhile! I mean, look at this packaging! Shiny things covered in stars - yes please.
In all seriousness, Benefit's range has been getting good reviews and I'd like to throw my own into the mix with my first impressions!

The kit is a 4 step system and includes four different items: a brow conditioner, a measuring tool, a brow pencil, and a under brow highlighter. It comes in an adorable metal tin. Benefit offers three different kits, one for bold brows, one for natural, and one for precision. I got shade number 2 which is a light blonde shade. 

Here are my eyebrows naturally! They kiiind of suck, not gonna lie. I have blonde eyelashes and eyebrows and sometimes my brows look a little patchy. One time I did all my makeup except my brows and didn't realize until I was at work and saw my face in the bathroom mirror. I was a bit shocked at how strange it looked! So, in conclusion, brows are important! 

Step 1: Browvo! Conditioning Primer

I've never used a conditioning brow primer as part of my makeup routine before, but if this one delivers on its promises I will definitely make it a priority! It claims to make brows thicker and fuller overtime and is made with keratin and soy proteins. I loved that they suggested applying it as part of your nighttime routine to get fuller brows while you sleep! (I'm lazy, perfect!)

Step 2: Brow mapping tool

I definitely did not know what this was when I pulled it out of the kit! It's a handy little tool with measurements on so you can map out the start, arch, and end points of your brows. I'm used to just eyeballing mine (with varying degrees of success), so this is such an interesting concept for me. You anchor the tool at the bottom of your nose and rotate it across your brow, drawing points along the way with the brow pencil.

Step 3: Precisely, My Brow Pencil

Once you have the points of your brow mapped, go back in and fill it with the brow pencil. This pencil is more crayon like and has an ultra fine tip for precision. Shade 2 is a little lighter and more ashy than the colors I usually reach for so getting used to it might take some time, but I think ultimately it's more of a natural look for me.

Step 4: High Brow

I am so in love with highlighters and Benefit's High Brow is a lovely creamy pencil perfect for placing right on the brow bone. It's a subtle highlight that makes the brows pop and helps clean up the underside of your brows.

And ta da! Here's the finished look! I think I did an alright job for my first go at it. I will definitely have to practice with the brow mapping tool a little more before I get perfectly symmetrical brows. Overall I think this kit is a great way to jump into the bold brows trend - you can create a natural refined look quickly and easily. Let me know if you've tried any of Benefit's brow products and if you have any recommendations for me!

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