Work Day Distractions Vol. 18


Happy Wednesday! My car was completely iced over this morning - so begins the part of winter that I hate. I have tons of anxiety about driving on ice/snow. Last year I made it to the top of a hill in my car and it wouldn't go any further so I had to slide my car backwards to the curb and walk home. It took me 45 min to walk 10 blocks - didn't make it to work that day!

YouTube Rewind is here!  - I love this every year and this year's is just as good. Oh YouTube, please adopt me someday into your family/corporation/magical cult.

From HelloGiggles - 13 Books to Read Before the Become Movies - I'm so excited for The Circle, social media + Emma Watson? Yes please.

This is the perfect gift for anyone with literary lady heroes!

This video has been everywhere and it's both terrifying and hilarious. Driving on ice - just say NO!!

(How great is this comic by accordingtodevin? Sign me up for that job.)

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