Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin-Cakes


This is more of an idea post than a recipe per say - I have a few confessions on this one.
First off, I used a mix for these! Ahh! Cheater!!! I have a few gluten free friends and wanted to make them a nice treat, so I used a GF mix from Trader Joe's. I'm very new to the world of GF baking, so I didn't want to completely mess it up. Please forgive me!

The recipe I use for pumpkin bread comes from the Baked: New Frontiers in Baking cookbook, and it is the absolute best best best recipe. So if I was making these full gluten, I would use that recipe. These would also be amazing with a gingerbread cake recipe. 

I called these muffin-cakes because they're meant to be muffins, but I couldn't resist drizzling on some icing which helps sweeten them up a bit and looks dreamy.

These would be perfect to bring to a Christmas gathering or into work to share with your coworkers. 

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