Chocolate Pretzel Peanut Butter Cookies


That title was a mouthful, eh? What's a better combo than peanut butter, chocolate and pretzels? This is such an easy way to make your basic peanut butter cookies a little more special. 
I used a peanut butter cookie recipe from Baked: New Frontiers in Baking which is one of my all time favorite recipe books, and then added the chocolate + pretzels on my own.

I did want to share a bit of a fail with these. I'm very mindful that not everyone likes crispy cookies so I always try to make mine softer than is my preference. However....the bottoms of these cookies got a little too crispy. In fact, my little test cookies were burnt on the bottom and still very soft on top? I can't work out why this happened, perhaps the oven is way too hot on the bottom? I don't know. If you have any insight, please help!

But oh well, we soldier on, crispy bottoms or not. (I threw out the tiny burnt ones, don't worry!)

Once the cookies have cooled, I melted together semi sweet chocolate and a little bit of corn syrup for shine and then spread that onto the cookies with a knife. I bashed up some pretzels in a sandwich bag with my rolling pin and sprinkled those on top of the chocolate. And hey presto! Fancy cookies. 

I'm obsessed with chocolate pretzels so this variation on peanut butter cookies is like a dream come true for me! Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. They look great! I have to make dessert for a thing on Wednesday and I'm so indecisive. Maybe you've given me the answer!