Chocolate Chip Meringues


Meringues have a reputation for being challenging so I was a little intimidated to try them for the first time here on this blog. But I needn't have feared - they're really quite easy!  

I used this recipe from Life With the Crust Cut Off, which looks much more profesh than mine. I wanted them to look perfectly swirled so I dollaped a bunch of the mix into a piping bag fitted with my widest decorating tip didn't work. The chocolate chips immediately got stuck and nothing came out. Ooops. So I had to go to Plan B, the good old spoon method. Despite this lapse in judgement, I think they actually came out pretty nice! They look like little snow puffs.

The key to a good meringue is whisking your eggs/sugar mixture until stiff peaks form - if they're too runny they won't hold their signature shape. I would also recommend making them slightly smaller than I did - I got a bit carried away and ended up with some massive meringues! Another tip that I picked up after the fact is to sprinkle some chocolate chips on the outside. You can't tell at all that these are chocolate chip meringues until you bite into one, which is a fun surprise but they'd look nicer with chocolate on the outside.

Regardless they came out well and got good reviews from my coworkers and are such an easy way to make a gluten free treat!

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