Pre-Holiday Lush Haul


Lush Haul

I went to Lush last weekend intending to only pick up a few things and I kiiiiiind of lost my mind. Lush's holiday selections are notoriously amazing and there were so many new things, I couldn't help myself! And the sales associates don't help either, always recommending their favorites (I joke, I am grateful, but gosh are they good at their sales jobs). I had the Golden Wonder last year, but everything else is new to me. There were quite a few other items I had to pass on but hopefully I can get them before the holiday season is over. 

Shoot for the Stars Bathbomb: Notes of honey and bergamot, a swirling golden and blue bath. This has all my favorite things in one, I cannot wait to use this. And it's just so freaking beautiful I don't even mind that it will probably glitterbomb my bathtub. 

Magic Wand Bubblebar: This smells like sweets and you can swirl it in your bath and reuse it multiple times. And you feel like a fairy princess holding it, which is basically what convinced me to get it.  

Never Mind the Ballistics: Gorgeous citrus scent and the bottom yellow half has cocoa butter which I hope will leave my skin feeling soft and pampered. I'm a big fan of bathbombs that have added benefits like this.

Northern Lights: This is one bath bomb I have been so excited to try - it's jasmine scented and makes the bathwater look like beautiful galaxy. I'm saving this for an extra stressful day. 

So White: The design has been updated this year to look more like an apple and it smells absolutely incredible! I've already used this one and it turns your bath the loveliest shade of lime green. 

Golden Wonder Bathbomb: This is my absolute all time favorite bathbomb. It has a surprise center of teal blue and golden glitter and smells like orange peel. It's my Christmas treat to myself every year.

Is there anything else I should put on my Lush wishlist? I'm obviously planning on spending my holidays in the bath! Lush is also an amazing place to do your holiday shopping, and I might be picking up some gifts for my friends soon...

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