Product Empties - The End of the 1 Month to Use it Up Challenge!


The Challenge is Over!

It's October and that means my 1 Month to Use it Up challenge has come to a close. I spent most of September diligently working my way through samples and products I've been anxious to finish. It all went fairly well! I've done a video one every single product I used (grab a cup of tea because it's a bit long!), but here are a couple highlights from the stash.

The Winners

These three products were my absolute favorites of the bunch and I'm hoping to purchase them all in the future. First is the Corioliss Argan Hair Mask - smells wonderful and makes your hair so so soft. Second the Lancome Energie de Vie serum - a lovely perfumey fragrance and it seems like it helps your skin out (more review to come in the future perhaps). Last but certainly not least, the Korres Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial. It has the most gorgeous smell and makes your skin feel so soft and refreshed after a good night's sleep.

The Losers

Sadly I did not like these products, they were all so disappointing! Especially the Blotterazzi - it didn't work at all for me.

The Fails

These products were ones I was so hoping to finish this month, but I failed! The first is the Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel - how can anyone use this up??? I'm fairly certain I've had this for well over a year and it's still going strong. I am ready to be done - so by the end of the year is the new goal.

I also have acquired quite the collection of eye cream samples. A little goes a long way with eye cream so these take an age to use up. I've got ones for day, ones for night, ones for brightening and ones for depuffing. I gave up the dream of finishing these about halfway through the month.

Check out my YouTube channel for a more in-depth review of everything I used this month, and let me know if this is something you'd like to try. I really enjoyed this process and am going to keep on for the rest of the year. And best of all, now I have space for new products!

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