Work Day Distractions Vol. 12


Welcome to Wednesday everybody! I spent an excruciating morning at the DMV, so I'm a little crankier than normal today. I'm pretty sure there's a circle of hell just like the DMV, where you're constantly waiting and then people tell you ridiculous things are "policy" and there's "nothing they can do" blah blah blah. Also no one likes to start their morning crying in front of strangers.

Hopefully the rest of the day goes smoothly!

This made me laugh and cringe - I'm sorry to everyone who works in the restaurant business!

The Dog Story via A Cup of Jo

More incredible Stranger Things art - I'm in love!

Really want this new fragrance.

(image: Latent Light by Amy Friend, from the series Dare all Luce)

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  1. Hope your day went smoothly after the DMV!! And oh man, the restaurant biz, my hubby used to manage a restaurant in the city, oh the stories! Plus, yes, so curious about that perfume too! xo

    1. I might cave and get the perfume - I've got such a weakness for fragrances! Thanks for the good vibes, got all my DMV stuff sorted thank goodness!

  2. Those restaurant stories are hilarious and so absurd! I don't get how people can be so... high maintenance, haha. And now I really really really want to start watching Stranger Things because everyone is. Aahh!

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    1. I so recommend it! I'm a huge chicken when it comes to spooky things and I really enjoyed it - plus the eighties fashion & music is so so on point!

  3. Haha this was interesting, especially restaurant story :)