Travelouge: La Push


15 minutes down the road from Forks is the coastal town of La Push, on the Quileute Reservation. We started out driving down through town to First Beach, which is quite easy to access. About 10 minutes there and we decided to drive on to Second Beach - more of a hike, but a bigger payoff. We parked along the road and hiked down through the forest for quite a ways before we came out a driftwood opening onto the gorgeous beach. We met some characters along the way, including a very rude guy who tried to run my dad off the trail and an adorable French family with two redheaded boys.

The Washington coast, with all its mist and grey skies, is among the most beautiful things I can think of. We followed the paths of shore birds and a few other hikers across the sand to the sea.

I really enjoyed our little escape from daily life. It felt so good to be back in nature and taking pictures again. I hope you enjoyed these travel posts! One more is coming at the end of the week, and then that will be all for Forks. Until next time.

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