Travelogue: Forks, Washington


My sister Carly and I put together a little trip to Forks, WA to spend some quality time with our dad and get out in nature. The Olympic Peninsula is a special place for my family - we spent several holiday trips in Quinalt. The dark and misty Hoh Rainforest is one of my true happy places, it feels purely Pacific Northwest. 

But first, breakfast....

Our journey started by taking the ferry from Coupeville to Port Townsend. We got breakfast at the Bayview Restaurant, a funny little diner that we have eaten at every time we drive that way. My breakfast was a little overly ambitious - it's hard to know how big pancakes are going to be when you order them! They were enormous. I ate them all. (side note: look at those ridiculous cups of butter!)

The cabin

This little Air Bnb cabin was waiting for us at the end of our 3 hour drive. Tucked away on the edge of someone's property, the cabin was surrounded by fields, forest, and just a short walk away from the river. It was unbelievably peaceful. Ravens flew through the trees making their strange kwark noises. The first day it chucked down rain which pinged on the metal roof. We spent the majority of the first day inside, eating snacks and playing rummy. Absolute heaven.

S'mores or bust

It's a family tradition to get overly excited about making s'mores and this trip was no exception. We had to buy roasting forks at the local store but luckily the fire put came with the place. When you're on vacation you can eat 3 s'mores before you eat any sort of proper dinner. I used to catch my marshmallows on fire and completely burn them until they were near charcoal, and then I'd try to pull the burnt bit off and the eat the gooey marshmallow underneath. It only worked out 35% of the time - the rest of the time I was just eating burnt mallow. Yum. We also pronounce them "sh-mores" even though that's not really correct. We don't care - we're rebels like that.

On our journey to the grocery store we passed through downtown Forks, which is a funny place. Forks hasn't changed too much since I was a kid, even through its Twilight fame. Now there's just sort of sad remnants of the Twilight craze - a souvenir shop here, oddly named restaurant menu items there. At the end of the week the annual Twilight festival was happening and apart from one banner it seemed like no one really cared. I wonder how many people actually traveled there for that festival. No offense to anyone who lives in Forks, but it is kind of a sad little sleepy town. Though I did get a piece of chocolate pie the size of my head at one diner, so can't complain too much.

More to come with our day on the river and our journey to La Push, stay tuned!

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