Style Crush: Noel Fielding


Noel Fielding: Fashion Maverick

My first encounter with any of Noel Fielding's work was with the terrifying Old Gregg Mighty Boosh sketch. I was a pre-teen and it was the first viral video I ever saw. I didn't understand it at all. 

Fast forward to the present day and I couldn't be more infatuated with that crazy man who jumped out of the lake. Noel's style of comedy is off kilter and eccentric and he treats his style like a living embodiment of that. His fashion disregards any sort of gender clothing conformity and embraces loud prints, colors, and playful motifs.

Known primarily for his work on The Mighty Boosh and Nevermind the Buzzcocks, Noel is also an artist and musician.
Though his style can't be categorized into one aesthetic, much of his wardrobe draws from glam rock, especially Bowie. He's not afraid to blur the lines between costume and street clothes. And above all else, he seems to genuinely have fun with his sartorial choices. 
He dresses for pure joy.

I am so inspired by people who eschew social nonsense to dress like their happiest and best selves. And to me, Noel Fielding represents that at its very core. Wearing clothing that is loud, fun, and makes people talk is not something to fear, but to be embraced.

And I love this hat:

Photos 2, 3, 4 are by Joseph Lynn

Other sources: 1, 5, 6, 7, 8

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