Pretend Shopping: Lazy Oaf

I'm back from my vacation and feeling refreshed! Though, it really felt like fall on the Olympic Peninsula and Portland has not quite got the memo yet. I had to sleep with my window air conditioning unit on last night and it made a crazy noise at 2am and spat some weird liquid on me so I'm ready to be done with that whole mess. 

Lazy Oaf

My fall wardrobe this year is a little sparse and I'm ready to do some shopping! Which is wishful thinking as I have about $2 after all my rent nonsense. So I'm pretend shopping again, this time at Lazy Oaf. Lazy Oaf is a brand that I have admired but I am still on the fence if I could actually pull off any of their clothes. I'm sure I will never know as I'll never own any of these pieces, but a girl can dream!

Here are my choices - all of them colorful and sassy. 

I'm so in love with these pieces, they're fun and youthful but still wearable. 

Let me know which ones are your favorites!

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1 comment:

  1. Welcome back from vacation and lovely to hear it was a restful one!! As for these looks? Yes, so good!! Especially loving that heart shaped cross body and the cloud print sweater. So darling!! xo