Autumn Goals


This Autumn I really want to make a commitment to get out and do more to enjoy the season. I also am making a commitment to do more weird impromptu photo shoots with baked goods and ugly faces. Haha! 

    +Drink Apple Cider - There's an apple festival right by my apartment and I've never been! They have a cider booth and this year I really want to go and get a cup.
    +Go to Sauvie Island pumpkin patch when it is not raining - Emily and I went last year and it was raining and I definitely sat in a puddle of water on the little cart that took us out to the pumpkin field. I also got some new boots so this year I won't have to spend hours scrubbing mud out of the bottoms of my shoes. The sacrifices we make for pumpkins!
         +Visit my sister in Eugene - My sister goes to school in Eugene and I've only been down to visit her once. It's not that far away so I want to go down and see her again.
         +Paint a pumpkin - I'm not into the carving pumpkin thing, it makes me want to gag for some reason. So I want to paint some pumpkins!
        +Decorate the apartment for the season - I never really decorate much for the seasons. I want to try. 
+Make a pumpkin pie - because duh! I will probably eat it all by myself too. 
+Wear hats! - I have some good hats that I sometimes feel too shy to wear. No more! Hats for the season!

What about you? Do you have any goals this season? I would love to know, maybe I can add them to my list too!

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